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NEW SIX MODERN RECIPES  for professional chefs  which showcase mushrooms as central ingredients getting great flavour and value from interesting menu dishes

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Mycomarketing Ltd grows and sells mushrooms under the Fundamentally Fungus brand. We are one of the very few UK growers of speciality mushrooms.

Fundamentally Fungus was founded in 1999 by Jane Dick and Sue Whiting and is now a leading speciality mushroom supplier to hotels and restaurants. Known for the highest and most consistent quality and service, we have many Michelin star and AA rosetted chefs as loyal customers. We also supply pubs, organic food retailers, farm shops and many quality delicatessens throughout the UK.

Here in Stockbridge we built four small growing rooms for own production and we also work directly with other specialist growers to be able to offer the widest range of cultivated speciality mushrooms consistently available all year round.

Cultivated speciality mushrooms offer a sustainable and traceable alternative to the international trade in mushrooms taken from the wild. Demand is growing as chefs widen their repertoire and consumers overcome the traditional British suspicion of things fungal to discover the great taste and versatility of mushrooms.